Hello my name is Peter Young and I am a Senior Healthcare Services Consultant at Paramount Preferred Solutions.  Since 2008 PPS has been endorsed by The Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce to provide cost-saving full-service employer and employee healthcare solutions for all Chamber members – small-to-large, start-up companies, and self-employed professionals.

Here’s how we can save you time and money through your chamber membership.

  1. PPS is best known for offering Bureau of Workers Compensation premium discount programs, such as group rating. Qualified employers can enjoy up to 53% group rating discounts. We promise to get you the best rates and the highest discounts in our industry.
  2. We’re also specialists in helping employers manage the outcomes of BWC claims. Did you know, if claims are not well managed, employers can get hit with 100%+ premium increases, and the loss of premium discounts for up to 5 years, based upon incurring just 1 claim.

That’s real money you could have invested in your business or employees!

  1. We offer inexpensive BWC insurance for self-employed business owners to protect their businesses and incomes if they get hurt while working because group health insurance policies may not pay formedical bills and lost income for these types of claims. Examples would include car accidents or slips/falls on ice.
  2. Unlike other Third Party Administrator competitors, PPS has a full-service staff of experts who manage unemployment, FMLA and disability claims.For a one-stop solution, as a chamber member you can come to PPS to manage these types of claims too.
  3. And finally we employ medical professionals who provide wellness, transitional work and telehealth programs to help your employees get healthier and keep working.

There is no cost or obligation for Chamber members to contact PPS to see how we can best help you save time and money.  Please contact me, Peter Young, anytime with your questions.