Hello, my name is Rick Davidson, an owner with Community Energy Advisors. Since 2016, CEA has been an endorsed partner with the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce and licensed with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

We educate and empower organizations to maximize the economics of their energy assets, and as a Chamber member, we can save you money through our Chamber Energy Program.

So, why should you join the program?

  1. The average Chamber member is saving over 17%. That’s real money you could be saving your business annually.
  2. This program is designed for every size member. Through the program, we support everything from homes and small businesses, to large Industrial and Manufacturing operations.
  3. CEA specializes in helping Chamber members reduce their natural gas and electricity costs. We are trusted by over 70 Chambers of Commerce across the State of Ohio to provide energy management and cost savings.

It’s simple to sign up for the Chamber Energy Program and start saving. As a chamber member, either email a copy of your most recent electric or gas bill to chamberenergy@ceateam.com or call one of our local reps for your cost saving quote.