Hi, I‘m Steve Musgrave, president of the non-profit Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio. The Wellness Council has been an endorsed vendor partner of the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce since 2000 to provide “free-to-company” wellness programs at your worksite.

As a chamber member, we provide you with programs to improve your business health, change employee lifestyle, and avoid costly medical care.

  1. Implementing a wellness program improves workforce health and lowers healthcare costs. Did you know, 70% percent of all health care costs are related to lifestyle? The way your employees are living their life could be costing you money.

So, why the Wellness Council?

  1. The Wellness Council gets great results. 80% of those who join The Chamber Weight loss and Exercise Challenge exercise 30 min a day, 5 or more days a week. 40% of chamber members meet their weight loss goal and 95% of chamber teams entered complete the 10 week program.
  2. The Council gives prizes to teams that reach their goals. We always say the greatest prize of all is improved health! Employers often mention team success in employee communications, give team recognition and rewards.
  1. We’re here to help. We lead team captains through sources of helpful information and give them guidance on how to train and motivate their team members. With the correct team dynamics the contest team members have more fun and achieve greater success.

Studies show that organizations who offer worksite wellness activities have a more engaged workforce. AS a chamber member, by offering different programs through the Wellness Council your organization shows you care about your employees. When employees change their lifestyle they may save 10 years of life while avoiding costly medical care.

To get involved you can always check our website wellnesscouncilohio.org for the next contest and learn more about the programs provided by the Wellness Council.