Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio Launches Obesity Awareness Program

The Covid pandemic has highlighted the need for an obesity awareness program. Dr. Leslie Pristas, Director, Center for Bariatric Surgery at St Vincent Charity Medical Center.in cooperation with the Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio and the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce, NOACC, have embark on an obesity awareness campaign.  The campaign has begun with a special message linking obesity to chronic diseases and Covid deaths being circulated to members of NOACC and the Wellness Council. (link to special message https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vyYwg182gY  ) Those organizations then pass the information to employee at the worksite.

The awareness program culminates in a 10 week team activity to try out healthier lifestyles. By trying small dietary modifications and increasing exercise, participants become more familiar with outcomes of improved lifestyles. These changes are supported by members of their worksite teams and Wellness Council staff. Participants select measurable achievable goals and weekly log their progress. Points are assigned to their accomplishments. Recognition is given to teams that make the most of their lifestyle changes and are awarded recognition prizes.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield the 10 week program is free to companies and organizations. Participants lose an average of nearly 8 pounds while exercising thirty minutes a day during the ten week program. All that a company needs to do is communicate the information to employees. Those employees who are interested in becoming team captains will be trained and supervised by the Wellness Council.  The program begins January 26, 2021. For more information go to http://www.wellnesscouncilohio.org/contest

Although the principles of the program are simple to communicate, they are powerful in impact because of the behavioral techniques employed to help participants make lifestyle changes.  The design of the program uses peer-to-peer education in a supportive team environment. Program results are achieved through adoption of a simple equation: the increased daily caloric expenditure of 300 calories through exercise and the decreased caloric intake of calories through dietary modification.

If you have any questions, please free to contact the Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio. The Council is a 501c3 organization dedicated to improving community wellness through the worksite.

Stephen Musgrave

Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio

440-354-8057, smusgrave@wellnesscouncilohio.org