Local Chambers

There are many benefits for a chamber to become a member of NOACC. If your chamber is interested in becoming part of the NOACC network, please fill out the following form and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Click here to download the Criteria for NOACC Membership.

Cost to join:   An Administration Fee of $100.00 (first year only) and annual dues according to this schedule: 

Annual dues:

Chambers with 100 or less members $75.00;
Chambers with 101-199 members $100;
Chambers with 200-399 members $150;
Chambers with 400-700 Members $200;
Chambers with more than 700 Members $250.00.

After your chamber joins NOACC, your members can access all of the NOACC benefits available. Your chamber can choose to promote one or all of the benefits and receive a discount on NOACC chamber dues.