Workers’ Compensation Discounts

Third Party Administrator (TPA)
For Administrative Services
Paid by Employers

ProMedica Employer Services

Save on Workers’ Compensation Premiums with a Trusted Team in ProMedica Employer Services (PES). To Request A Quote:  complete online.

PES is NOACC’s Endorsed BWC Third Party Administrator Since 2008

PES Service Promise:

  • Receive Highest Qualified Group Rating Discounts
  • ALWAYS Competitive Service Fees
  • 30% Sign-Up Fee Back to Referring Chamber
  • FMLA and Unemployment Services also available
  • Expert Claims Management, and much more!
  • Self-Employed Professionals Need BWC Insurance too!

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Owned and Operated in Northern Ohio

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    Managed Care Organization (MCO)
    For Medical Services
    Paid by State of Ohio

    ProMedica Medical Management

    Open Enrollment May 1-26, 2023

    It is the MCO’s job to make sure injured workers receive care and return to work safely and promptly.

    NOACC Endorses ProMedica Medical Management for MCO

    • REQUIRED medical service – Ohio BWC required employers to have an MCO if you have 1+ employees
    • FREE medical service – NO service fees. Employers never receive an invoice for MCO services
    • Northern Ohio owned & operated – Work with a local MCO Member who knows the best local clinicians
    • NOACC is a PMM Client – 20,000+ Ohio employers already trust PMM
    • All MCOs are NOT the same! BWC provides objective MCO performance data in the 2023 MCO Report Card

    FREE Member MCO evaluation.  Make an informed choice during May 1-26, 2023 MCO Open Enrollment

    Don’t miss this opportunity!  The next MCO Open Enrollment isn’t scheduled until May 2025

    For more Information about how to select PMM Contact Chamber Member

    To switch, complete and return this form:  PMM MCO Enrollment Form – NOACC