Vendor Resources

Select a Vendor below to view and download useful documents and information to explain or choose the offering from that vendor through chamber membership. Chambers of Commerce may use any of these ads, forms and articles to promote these benefits to their members.

If you have a suggestion of a resource you would like to see listed here, please email Director, Cindy Holzheimer.

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NOACC Benefits Marketing Seminar

Group Health Insurance

Anthem Chamber Marketing programs have helped chambers promote the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance programs to their current and potential members.  Information on the programs are available below.

Look for your chamber’s picture of the “Your Chamber Chose Anthem” sign proudly on display at the office or event of your chamber.  If your chamber’s picture is missing, please send a picture of the sign to the NOACC Office at

If you have a suggestion of a resource you would like to see listed here, please email Director, Cindy Holzheimer.

And check back often for updates!



Chamber Marketing Qualification-Proof Form 2015


Open or Download Flyer for Chamber Members:   NOACC Chamber Anthem Life 2014News and Information–use articles in Chamber Newsletters, etc.:There’s More to Life than a Check 2-2014Better Health is In Sight 3-2014

Managed Care Organization MCO

NOACC Endorses Health Management Solutions as the MCO (Managed Care Organization) for chambers and their members to be selected during Open Enrollment in 2020.

Shipping and Freight Services

Third Party Administrator TPA

Employee Wellness Programs

Quitline Nicotine Replacement Therapy Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking is the number one leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Smokers on average cost employers $3000 more in direct medical and indirect lost productivity cost each year. NOACC Chambers can take advantage of a partnership with the Ohio Department of Health to promote the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line, 800-QUIT-NOW, and receive nicotine replacement therapy patches.

Through the efforts of the Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio, NOACC is the first Chamber Association in the Country to offer the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line. Click here for more information.

Credit Card/Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing ServicesProvider: www.heartlandpaymentsystems.comHeartland Payroll, the fast, secure way to process your payroll anytime, anywhere. Heartland has created value added small business payroll service programs for NOACC Members.

Sign up for payroll processing services in Ohio with HPS and receive:

  • Free New Hire reporting
  • Free addition and deletion of employee files
  • Free full tax service
  • Free direct deposit
  • Free Payday Visa cards


Chamber Energy Program

Office Supplies & Service

Outstanding Discounts on Office Supplies and Services 

Provider:  Office Depot Office Max

Office Depot and Office Max have designed an exclusive discount program for NOACC Members and Power of More Members for full-service printing and copying.

Exclusive Member Pricing

Program Details

Vendor Guidelines

Preferred companies across Northern Ohio have been carefully selected by NOACC to provide benefits and services to their members since 1995.  If your company would like to provide a benefit or service to the members of NOACC, contact the NOACC Office at 866-466-6222 or by email to you will find a summary of  the guidelines required to become a vendor for NOACC. An application may be uploaded here online application and send $250 non-refundable application fee to NOACC, 4200 Rockside Rd Suite 105, Independence, Oh 44131. Upon notification of acceptance by NOACC an additional $250 fee must be submitted prior to launch of benefit.Prospective Vendor Guidelines for Extra Value Program1.)  Enclose a copy of your company’s mission statement, current sales literature, samples of proposed co-branded literature (ads/brochures/flyers.)2.)  Provide Contact information on Company and Representatives including mailing address, phone, email. Representative and/or Company must be domiciled in area serviced by a NOACC Chamber. Provide type of business, bank reference and Federal ID or SSN.3.) Must be a member of a NOACC Chamber for at least one year. Identify Chamber and length of membership. A referral by the Chamber will be requested to participate in the program.3.) Describe the Sales/Marketing Service Area covered by the Representative and/or Company. Identify community and or geographic region covered etc.4.) Describe the Company’s Stability. Include length of time Representative has worked for company. Length of time company has been in business, financial strength, number of clients/sales, etc.5.) Description of Product(s) or Service(s) to be offered.6.)  Describe what is the added value available to members of NOACC Chambers.

7.)  Is there a residual income for chambers that refer or promote your offer? If “Yes” describe.

8.) Describe your company’s online and/or real time reporting to verify chamber membership and use of benefit by chamber and chamber member

9.) In addition to the EXPECTATIONS outlined below, describe your marketing strategy to make your benefit offer a success, be specific by providing details of time line for launch, sales staff, telemarketing, chamber presentations, direct mail, advertising etc.

10.) Are there other Association/Group offers from your firm? If “Yes” describe below and provide reference

11.) (if applicable) Reference (Name, Organization, Phone, Email, Length of Partnership

12.) Testimonials are the best way to promote the value of a product or service. If possible give an example of a business that has saved significantly or otherwise benefited from an offering made by your company: (permission to use testimonial in future marketing efforts given)

13.)  Projected Launch Date

14.) Provide Local Representative(s) by chamber/region or area


NOACC will:
1. Add Vendor/Logo and Benefit offering to NOACC website, using a searchable database to assist chamber and member selection of benefit. NOACC will add offering to reporting function in secure portion of website if needed.
2. Distribute Benefit offering initially electronically directly to NOACC Chambers with info provided by Vendor.
3. Distribute literature/ads and other marketing material provided by vendor to NOACC Chambers
4. Assist Vendor in efforts to secure and market offering to NOACC Chambers during the Marketing Period
5. Assist Vendor in press release or similar announcements
6. As appropriate, include Vendor and Benefit offering (to be determined) in other media outlets, including social
networking media, trade shows, educational and chamber presentations, community displays, etc.
7. Not require that offering is exclusive for NOACC Chambers or members but does expect this is the best offer available from Vendor at the time of launch. (Vendor may upgrade offer at any time.)
8. Invite Vendor to attend a NOACC function, or create another opportunity to educate or showcase Vendor and offering to chambers and/or chamber members. NOACC Chambers could extend a similar invitation.

VENDOR will:
1. Be a member of AT LEAST the referring chamber for one year prior to application and throughout Marketing Period.  Chamber referral will be requested.  Other chamber memberships are encouraged, as they facilitate marketing. Through prior agreement between chamber and Vendor, a RESIDUAL earned by a chamber may be allocated to that chamber’s membership for Vendor.
2. Vendor must maintain a physical presence in geographic region served by NOACC Chambers.
3. Provide Company Logo, Contact Information (if different than above) Marketing message, for NOACC and chamber website.
4. Create Co-Branded (NOACC and/or Chamber logo) Literature to be used by Chamber to promote offering. An initial downloadable flyer/newsletter insert and business card size ad explaining benefit is required, other material (ads/signs/flyers etc.) will be provided as requested. Pre-printed literature and/or direct mail/telemarketing campaigns are encouraged on a mutually determined permission given basis.
5. Create web page/area on Vendor Website with Benefit offering information for chamber members. May be secure (non-public)
6. If appropriate, assign representative contacts by chamber, and provide information and training to
representative contacts on benefit offering for chamber members.
7. If requested, provide and distribute literature to chamber and members for use in packets, newsletters, trade shows, etc.
8. Provide marketing articles and testimonials etc. periodically (initially and as mutually determined during Marketing Period) suitable for posting online in NOACC and chamber websites/newsletters etc.
9. If invited, attend NOACC and/or chamber events or activities to help introduce or otherwise promote benefit.

*Fee covers the initial set-up costs and reports to determine validity of company and this offer, including Better Business Bureau, Dun & Bradstreet, Standard and Poors, and other reference and credit checks, etc.