Frequently Asked Questions

Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce (NOACC) is a regional partnership of over 125 community-based chambers of commerce in northern Ohio dedicated to helping chambers deliver competitive and cost-saving benefits and services for almost 35,000 member businesses.

It was incorporated in 1995 as the Northeast Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce by the three founding chambers, Beachwood, Euclid and Solon.  The Aurora, Chesterland, Mayfield Area, Parma Area and Warrensville Heights Area Chambers of Commerce were added as voting members of the corporation soon after.

Our mission is to harness the power of the NOACC chamber partnership to provide benefits and resources that the individual business or chambers would be unable to obtain on their own.

Members in good standing of any NOACC Chamber can use any of the NOACC benefits.  They must maintain their chamber membership to continue receiving the discounted rate of most benefits.

By joining a chamber that is a member of NOACC, your business will automatically become a member of NOACC. A complete list of NOACC Chambers is in the Member Directory.

No.  You are entitled to take advantage of any of the NOACC cost-savings programs through your membership to a NOACC Chamber.

Every chamber is different, and you might want to join more than one chamber for different reasons.  Typically, you would  join the chamber in the community where your business is located—to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities within that community.  But you might like the activities of a neighboring chamber and you can network there too.  Most chambers will let you attend at least one event as a guest.

Absolutely!  Your business should be a member of every chamber where you would like to attract or grow your business.   Surveys show that people like doing business with “chamber members” whom they trust and have a commitment to the community.

Not at the present time, although that has been requested before and could happen in the future.

Chambers have different costs and levels of membership.  Small volunteer only chambers might be very affordable, but may not offer a lot of services.  Larger or more regional chambers will cost more but will give you a wide variety of opportunities to promote your business and get referrals, etc.

No.  Only chambers of commerce join NOACC directly, as it is a partnership of chambers.  Your business MUST join a local NOACC chamber of commerce. A complete list of NOACC Chambers is in the Member Directory.

They can contact a NOACC provider directly. (See contact info listed in Member Benefits on the NOACC website.)

That will vary based on the benefit—anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.  In most cases the benefit will save a business more than their chamber of commerce membership costs.  To maximize the savings, use more than one benefit.

Yes.  All the NOACC providers are able to give an estimate of the cost and the discount you will receive as a NOACC member. Contact a NOACC Benefit Provider 

Yes, in most cases.  If your agent is licensed to sell Anthem he or she must ask for the NOACC rate when they apply for a quote.

Your chamber of commerce can give you a referral to a local Anthem agent, or you can contact the NOACC Office at 866-466-6222 Or click here to start the process online.

Yes.  The only way to evaluate the special rates that are offered to NOACC chamber members is to compare apples to apples.  Introductory discounts will change and do not give you a true picture of your cost savings over a long time. Contact a NOACC Benefit Provider

No.  Some chambers choose to only offer some NOACC benefits. And because of exclusive contracts the chamber may have with other providers, the chamber may not be allowed to promote a particular NOACC benefit.  Note:  If a chamber offers Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to its members, it must be the exclusive health insurance offering of that chamber.  The other NOACC Benefits do not require an exclusive arrangement with a chamber.  But the chamber may have an exclusive arrangement with another (non-NOACC) provider.

Yes.  Chamber membership will be confirmed with the chamber before the NOACC benefit may be used.

Yes.  In most cases the discount for just one benefit will be worth much more that the cost of the annual membership in the chamber.

No.  This is another reason why businesses join more than one chamber.  Every chamber has their own “special” deals, or perks.  But the negotiated benefits with NOACC are the same in every chamber.

Chamber membership doesn’t cost…it PAYS!  Ask someone who has received one referral, or made one great contact at a networking event, or saved more on health insurance, workers’ comp, credit card processing, etc. than they could have on their own—all because of their chamber membership.

It is NOT a requirement of membership to participate in chamber activities.  But eventually as time allows, you’ll want to join in the fun—make some new friends—be more active in your community.  Most people find their businesses growing when their chamber activities start growing.  It’s all up to you.

Joining a chamber is one of the first things a new business should do to get established.  And it’s something that an existing business should do to grow.  The chamber is usually the most powerful organization in town—it takes on projects and issues that are important to the growth of the business economy.  It is the voice of business.  If the chamber doesn’t do it…who would?  But lifetime friendships can also be found in the chamber.

Contact the NOACC Office at toll free 1-866-466-6222 or send an email to: