Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program

Save on Workers’ Compensation Premiums with a Trusted Team in Paramount Preferred Solutions 

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Paramount Preferred Solutions offers the best rates and lowest fees for all of your 2019-2020 BWC Third Party Administration needs! Services include: 

• BWC Group Rating / Group Retro Discounts
• Return-to-Work Services & Grants
• Expert BWC Claims Management
• Wellness Services & Grants
• BWC Hearing Representation
• FMLA / STD / LTD Case Management
• Add-On BWC Premium Savings Programs
• Nurse Triage / Telehealth ServicesATTENTION – Independent Contractor & Self-Employed Professionals, CLICK HERE for elective coverage information.

Owned and Operated in Northern Ohio

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Ask for Peter Young, Client Services for NOACC at extension 301754.  Or email Peter at